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What if Qanon was...

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What if Qanon was...

Message non lu par blankslate » mer. janv. 01, 2020 8:03 pm

It's an idea that I want to work on before writing articles for my blog or hpuqu: ...

Since everything is in everything, one could say that every human has a correspondence with a specific strand of DNA at a specific time. Each structure is then used to find matches. By modifying their behaviors, they snowball and change other behaviors and so on. Eventually the DNA changes, or becomes what it was before it was stained, if you like.

I see my reality as an interface between my inner body and my outer body. There are no mistakes and everything is perfect, if it is the way of looking at things in the present moment that allows you to have a certain serenity.

But since reality is an interface, we have to admit that this interface is not very ergonomic. We can also say that this interface was not designed for the common man. But since each human is equally important, it is the reality interface itself that must change. And that's what's happening in our common reality plane.
What if Qanon is a plan to bring to the general public the interface to reality they were denied to even know its existence?

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