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lio ANMISTRATATOR he he...he he he
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About this forum (traduced with DeepL)...

Message non lu par fredQU » lun. juil. 15, 2019 1:43 pm

I would recommend my forum, but it seems dead for the moment. It was originally intended to be a forum on/for HPUs. In case it is of interest to some people who would like to shape discussions around which others could be added, and thus establish an organic guideline, here is the link:
The key to creation is to let the energy flow with as little resistance as possible. For example, a simple plant can crack a rock. Dualism is a resistance that prevents energy from flowing well. Each time, part of the energy is consumed to power the opposite of the creative act. The dualism would come from the Lucifer, and it is perhaps from this that the "devil" comes. Free will would be the ability to control (resist) the flow of energy so that it can create. It reminds me of aikido, but it's actually universal. Sometimes it's just resting. I don't know what else to write right now. We must not go to extremes, because extremes are the result of dualism. Nor should we trivialize, because it is here that energy is most diverted for a harmful use that is not creative.

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